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CHCNAV Apache 6 - Multibeam Marine Drone

Product Overview: The CHCNAV Apache 6 is a cutting-edge unmanned surface vessel (USV) optimized for high-resolution bathymetric surveys, underwater object positioning, offshore construction, underwater archaeology, and wreck salvage. Built around a high-performance triple-hull vessel, the Apache 6 is designed to support NORBIT™ multibeam echo sounders, offering a fully integrated and autonomous survey solution. Its advanced features ensure precise and efficient data collection in diverse marine environments.

Key Features:

Optimized for NORBIT Multibeam Echo Sounders

  • High-End Performance: The Apache 6 is specifically designed for the NORBIT iWBMSe, iWBMS, and iWBMSh-STX series, meeting the most demanding hydrographic survey requirements. It delivers high-resolution bathymetry data with exceptional accuracy.

Optional Terrestrial Mapping Laser Sensor

  • Combined Marine and Terrestrial Survey: The optional NORBIT iLiDAR mapping sensor collects up to 300,000 points per second with a 30 x 360-degree coverage, allowing for comprehensive 3D surveys in a single pass. This feature is particularly useful for harbor and river surveys, including height clearance evaluations for transmission lines and bridges.

Lightweight for Easy Deployment

  • Portable and Durable: Constructed from macromolecule polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber-glass, the Apache 6 weighs only 15 kg without sensors, making it easy for two operators to manage remote deployments. Its lightweight design ensures versatility and ease of use in various conditions.

High-Performance Triple-Hulled Vessel Design

  • Stability and Versatility: The dual detachable floating bodies keep the hull balanced even in rapid currents. Removing the floating bodies allows operation in shoals, channels, and shallow rivers without running aground. This versatile design is ideal for offshore, coastal, inland water, and lake surveys.

Advanced Navigation with Multibeam Echo Sounder

  • Fully Integrated Solution: The Apache 6 offers a fully autonomous survey mode, powered by CHCNAV's absolute straight-line technology. It follows predetermined paths even in adverse current conditions, reducing survey time and improving work efficiency.

Technical Specifications:

  • Hull Material: Macromolecule polyester carbon fiber
  • Dimensions: 1.8 m x 0.55 m x 0.25 m
  • Weight: 15 kg (excluding sensors)
  • Maximum Speed: 5 m/s
  • Battery: 9 x 24,500 mAh, 32.6 V and 1 x 15,000 mAh, 18 V
  • Battery Life: 2 x 2 hours at 2 m/s
  • Communication Range: 1 km (R/C), unlimited (4G)
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Millimeter wave radar, 0.2-40 m detection range
  • GNSS Systems: BDS B1/B2, GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, Galileo E1/E5, QZSS
  • Positioning Accuracy: Horizontal: ±8 mm + 1 ppm, Vertical: ±15 mm + 1 ppm
  • Inertial Navigation: 200 Hz IMU update rate, 0.2° @1 m baseline heading accuracy
  • Waterproof Rating: IP65

NORBIT MBES Specifications

  • Operating Frequency: 400 KHz
  • Depth Range: 0.2 - 275 m
  • Ping Rate: Up to 60 Hz, Adaptive
  • Swath Coverage: 5 - 210°
  • Number of Beams: 256 - 512
  • Heave Accuracy: <10 mm
  • Pitch/Roll Accuracy: 0.03°
  • Heading Accuracy: 0.08°

Why Choose the CHCNAV Apache 6? The Apache 6 offers an unparalleled combination of advanced navigation technology, robust design, and high precision, making it the ultimate solution for high-resolution bathymetric surveys. Whether for offshore, coastal, or inland water surveys, the Apache 6 ensures reliable and efficient data collection, meeting the requirements of the most demanding marine survey projects.

Enhance your marine survey capabilities with the CHCNAV Apache 6 – the advanced multibeam marine drone for professional bathymetric projects.

Apache 6 USV features

Turnkey multibeam echosounder autonomus USV system



An innovative, fully integrated solution for 3D bathymetric surveys