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C30 Oblique Camera


The CHCNAV's C30 is advanced camera designed to provide high-quality imaging solutions for photogrammetric applications and to complement LiDAR survey data.

The C30 is a professional, high-performance, lightweight oblique photogrammetry system developed by CHCNAV. Its advanced design allows it to capture clear and accurate oblique photos.

The C30 camera is compatible with CHCNAV's BB4 mini and P330 Pro UAVs, the DJI M300 RTK, and other fixed-wing and rotor UAV platforms, providing a high degree of flexibility and versatility in installation. It can also be mounted directly on CHCNAV's AlphaUni series LiDARs.

*UAV is not included

C30 camera features

Oblique camera for Aerial surveys

C30 Oblique Camera