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i83 IMU RTK GNSS receiver

CHCNAV i83 Smart Versatile IMU-RTK Receiver

Precision Surveying with the CHCNAV i83 GNSS Receiver

Smart and Versatile Receiver

The CHCNAV i83 GNSS receiver is more than a universal 1408-channel multi-band IMU-RTK GNSS receiver. It is the perfect GNSS RTK survey tool that any surveying, construction, or mapping professional has come to expect. Built-in connectivity modules such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, UHF, and a 4G modem can be used reliably, efficiently, and conveniently in a variety of application scenarios to meet any job site configuration.

Beyond GNSS RTK Survey

Powered by 1408-channel GNSS and iStar technology, the i83 GNSS smart antenna delivers centimeter precision in seconds and maintains reliable fixed RTK accuracy even in typically challenging environments. Its quick-start feature gets you up and running within 30 seconds of powering up the receiver, making point collection faster than ever as you move from place to place. The third-generation high-gain antenna increases GNSS satellite signal tracking efficiency by up to 30% and provides accurate, survey-grade positioning when using GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo, and QZSS constellations. The integrated iStar technology ensures optimal GNSS RTK surveying in all GNSS survey applications.

Engineered for Field Use

34 hours on a single charge to ensure operation when you need it. The i83 GNSS ultra-low power SoC (System-on-Chip) electronic design and smart power management dramatically improve GNSS survey time span and eliminate the need for spare or external batteries. Up to 34 hours of autonomous work are achieved when operated as a GNSS RTK network rover and up to 16 hours as an RTK base station. The i83 GNSS charges from a power bank or a standard USB-C charger. No matter where or when the GNSS surveys are carried out, the i83 GNSS' magnesium alloy body is shock-, dust-, and waterproof to ensure uninterrupted performance, even in the most demanding job site conditions.

Smarter Connectivity Than Ever

Unrivaled universal GNSS receiver. The i83 GNSS has all the connectivity features a surveyor needs to complete any GNSS surveying project scenario. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC technologies provide a seamless connection to field data controllers and tablets. Integrated 4G and UHF modems enable any GNSS surveying mode, from RTK Networks NTRIP connections to UHF base-rover configuration. GNSS RTK corrections are accessed or broadcasted continuously for accurate positioning in all circumstances. The high-resolution color display provides a clear view of the i83 GNSS status. Whether it is set up as a UHF RTK base station, recording raw data for further GNSS post-processing, or simply being used as a UHF or 4G network rover, operators are always in full control of their survey operations.

GNSS Survey Tool for All

Efficient IMU-RTK survey made easy. The i83 GNSS built-in IMU for automatic pole tilt compensation boosts surveying, engineering, and mapping speed and efficiency by up to 30%. Real-time, interference-free initialization of the 200 Hz inertial module is achieved in just 5 seconds and ensures 3-centimeter accuracy over a pole tilt range of up to 30 degrees. Measuring and staking out with the i83 GNSS is fast, easy, and highly productive, whether you are an engineer, site foreman, or surveyor.

Why Choose CHCNAV i83?

The CHCNAV i83 GNSS receiver is an investment that maximizes control, accuracy, and efficiency in surveying and engineering tasks. Its highly integrated components, including GNSS, IMU, and connectivity modules, offer quick, easy installation and versatility in the field. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including RTK and visual surveying, and advanced IMU-RTK pole tilt compensation, the i83 ensures precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its robust design and extended operational capabilities make the i83 a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern surveying and engineering projects.

i83 features

More than a universal 1408-channel multi-band IMU-RTK GNSS receiver

i83 IMU RTK GNSS receiver


Smart and versatile IMU-RTK GNSS receiver