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CHCNAV i93 Versatile, Efficient, and Easy-to-Use Visual IMU-RTK Surveying & Engineering

Precision Surveying with the CHCNAV i93 GNSS Receiver

Versatile, Efficient, and Easy-to-Use Visual IMU-RTK

The CHCNAV i93 GNSS receiver is an extremely versatile RTK system that integrates the latest GNSS, IMU, and premium dual-camera technologies for a more compelling user experience. Its 3D visual stakeout feature provides unparalleled ease of use and comfort, boosting efficiency for any construction site layout project. Visual survey with video-photogrammetry technology enables accurate point measurements and access to previously hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed, and hazardous points. The i93 GNSS can be used to complement aerial surveys generated from oblique imagery since its data is compatible with the most popular 3D modeling software. Powered by the innovative CHCNAV iStar GNSS RTK algorithm, multi-band GNSS channels, and hybrid engine, the i93 ensures reliable, high-accuracy positioning in even the most challenging site conditions. The Auto-IMU of i93 features automatic initialization, eliminating the hassle of manual initialization and simplifying surveying operations in the field. The i93 is the ideal solution for completing tasks faster, more accurately, and more efficiently.

Extreme GNSS Performance

Enhanced GNSS RTK performance in challenging environments with the i93 GNSS receiver. Featuring 1408 channels tracking full constellations and frequencies, powered by an integrated RF-SoC processor and iStar CHCNAV technology, the i93 delivers reliable and accurate positioning data, with a 15% gain in survey-grade GNSS RTK performance. The built-in hybrid engine and narrowband interference mitigation boost GNSS data quality and signal tracking capabilities by over 20% for optimal RTK performance.

Visual Navigation and Stakeout

Effortless one-step stakeout at a glance. The i93 integrates star-level cameras to provide an immersive 3D visual navigation and stakeout experience. With LandStar™ software's 3D visual view, surveyors are guided by a clear, eye-catching directional arrow and real-time distance, and the stakeout point is marked directly on the ground in the 3D visual view. Moreover, 3D visual capabilities are also available for line stakeout and CAD-based map stakeout, making operations similarly effortless, intuitive, and efficient. This simplifies the stakeout process, allowing for quick completion in seconds and increasing efficiency by up to 50% for less experienced field operators.

Engineered for Versatile Field Use

Uninterrupted operation in any RTK modes. The i93 Visual RTK has all the connectivity features a surveyor needs to complete any GNSS survey project scenario. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC technologies allow for seamless connection to field data controllers and tablets. Integrated 4G and UHF modems support all GNSS survey modes. Smart power management ensures up to 34 hours of operation as a GNSS RTK network rover and eliminates the need for spare or external batteries. No matter where or when, the i93 GNSS magnesium alloy body is shock, dust, and water-resistant to ensure uninterrupted performance.

Visual Survey and 3D Modeling

Accuracy comes into view with the i93 GNSS receiver. It combines GNSS, IMU, and premium global shutter camera with video photogrammetry technology, delivering survey-grade 3D coordinates from real-world video in seconds. It is easy to survey previously hard-to-reach, signal-obstructed, and hazardous points in the field, with dynamic panoramic video capture and automatic image matching that improves productivity by up to 60%. Automatic high-speed continuous shooting with up to 85% overlap ensures high processing success. Surveyors looking for ease, speed, and accuracy will find the i93 Visual RTK an ideal tool.

Fast, Reliable Industrial Auto-IMU

Reliable accuracy with automatic IMU initialization. The i93 GNSS receiver features CHCNAV's state-of-the-art 200 Hz Auto-IMU, eliminating manual initialization and simplifying field surveying. With IMU corrections available even when the range pole is carried on the shoulder, in the hand, or placed horizontally, the i93's IMU-RTK automatic pole tilt compensation technology can boost surveying, engineering, and mapping efficiency by 30%. The i93 enables measuring and staking with survey-grade accuracy over a pole-tilt of up to 60 degrees, ideal for engineers, site managers, and surveyors.

Why Choose CHCNAV i93?

The CHCNAV i93 GNSS receiver is an investment that maximizes control, accuracy, and efficiency in surveying and engineering tasks. Its highly integrated components, including GNSS, IMU, and dual-camera technologies, offer quick, easy installation and versatility in the field. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including RTK and visual surveying, and advanced IMU-RTK pole tilt compensation, the i93 ensures precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its robust design and extended operational capabilities make the i93 a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern surveying and engineering projects.

i93 Features

GNSS RTK that integrates the latest GNSS, IMU, and dual-camera video-photogrammetry technologies



Versatile, Efficient and
Easy-To-Use Visual IMU-RTK