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TG63 - Automatic Control for Graders


CHCNAV TG63 3D Grade Control for Motor Graders

Precision Grading with the CHCNAV TG63 Automatic Grader System

High Accuracy Control System

The CHCNAV TG63 automatic 3D grade control system for motor graders improves the quality and efficiency of grading operations. The high-precision dual-GNSS positioning system and inertial sensor featuring GR-Tech technology provide reliable 3D positioning and heading to control the motor grader blade, regardless of the machine's position. Real-time automatic control of the blade to the design surface allows finished grade accuracy to be achieved in less time and increases efficiency and productivity by eliminating the need for manual staking.

High Accuracy Grading

High-dynamic dual GNSS + INS positioning performances

  • CHCNAV's GR-Tech technology combines dual-GNSS satellite positioning with inertial navigation to ensure ultimate accuracy in driving the grader blade to within ±2 cm, regardless of the machine's position.
  • The multi-band GNSS sensor supports multiple correction sources, including NTRIP RTK and UHF base station, to match your operating conditions.
  • The high-response valve module, with multiple pressure relief plugs, adjusts the blade position to maintain accurate grading, ensuring that the precision requirements of earthmoving operations are met at all times.

Safe Operation in All Situations

Full control always at hand

  • Operators can quickly engage and disengage the automatic blade control mode using the switches provided and mounted next to the outermost control handles in the cabin. The manual override mode allows operators to take control of the blade directly in the event of an emergency.

Fast and Easy-to-Use Software

Intuitive GradeNav software for a quick learning curve

  • The GradeNav software runs on a 10.1" industrial color display for optimal readability in job site environments. It supports standard AutoCAD DXF design files, including surfaces, slopes, TINs, and road features, to manage all common grading operations effectively.
  • GradeNav's intuitive software enhances the machine operator's experience, even for those with less experience, to complete projects quickly and accurately. Several user-defined configurations can be set up to define the working parameters of the site and make the operator's job simpler and easier.

Robust Design and Proven Reliability

Extended durability in construction environments

  • The TG63's industrial design is built to withstand the harsh environment expected on construction sites. Dust and waterproof components, rugged anti-glare touchscreen, and durable, high-response valve module ensure fast, reliable work all year round. The TG63 grade control system makes projects more productive and completed with fewer machines, bringing faster return on investment.

Why Choose CHCNAV TG63?

The CHCNAV TG63 is an investment that maximizes control and accuracy while enhancing efficiency in grading tasks. Its highly integrated components offer quick, easy installation and versatility in the field. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including RTK and advanced GR-Tech model algorithms, the TG63 ensures precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its robust design and extended operational capabilities make the TG63 a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern grading projects.

TG63 features

TG63 - Automatic Control for Graders

TG63 3D Grader Control System

High Accuracy Automatic Grader Control System