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AlphaAir 450

CHCNAV AlphaAir 450 (AA450) - The Best Cost-Performance UAV LiDAR Solution

Product Overview: The CHCNAV AlphaAir 450 (AA450) is a groundbreaking UAV LiDAR solution, integrating the high-performance Livox Avia laser scanner with an industrial-grade 26 MP camera and a high-precision inertial navigation system. This all-in-one, lightweight, and rugged system is designed to democratize mobile mapping technology, making it accessible to both professional and non-professional users in the geospatial reality capture industry. The AA450 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including power line inspection, topographic mapping, emergency response, and agricultural and forestry surveys.

Key Features:

Lightweight and Efficient Scanning

  • Lightest in Class: Weighing only 0.95 kg, the AA450 is the lightest UAV LiDAR system in its class, allowing for longer flight times and increased productivity.
  • High-Performance Scanning: Capable of long-range scanning up to 450 meters with a high point density. At a flying height of 100 meters and a velocity of 10 m/s, a single flight can cover about 2 km² with more than 200 points/m² density.

Advanced Accuracy and Data Quality

  • Precision Navigation: Combines industrial-grade GNSS and a high-precision IMU to deliver an absolute accuracy of 5 to 10 cm. CoPre software can further enhance accuracy and precision.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with a built-in 26 MP camera, the AA450 captures high-quality images at 6252 x 4168 resolution and 30 fps.

Flexible Integration

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: Supports various UAV platforms and can be easily installed on DJI M300, CHCNAV BB4, VTOL, and other multi-rotor UAVs. Compatible with both multi-rotor and fixed-wing VTOL UAVs.
  • Easy Installation: Features a built-in Skyport interface for direct connection to DJI M300 and M210 V2 UAVs, as well as a shock-absorbing mounting platform for other UAVs.

Industrial Reliability

  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand harsh field conditions with an IP64 rating and an operating temperature range from -20°C to +50°C.
  • Quick Data Transfer: Equipped with 256 GB of memory, capable of high-speed data transfer via USB Type-C without powering the unit.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

  • SmartGo Software: Provides fully automated reality capture and real-time mission monitoring.
  • CoPre Software Suite: Enhances workflow efficiency with intelligent point cloud processing and feature extraction, eliminating the need for costly third-party software.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12.8 cm x 12.8 cm x 6.75 cm
  • Weight: 0.95 kg
  • Power Consumption: 32 W
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +65°C
  • IP Rating: IP64
  • Data Storage: 256 GB
  • Max Measurement Rate: Up to 720,000 points/second (triple return)
  • Laser Pulse Repetition Rate (PRR): 240,000 points/second (first or strongest return), 480,000 points/second (dual return)
  • Max Operating Flight Altitude AGL: Up to 100 meters with 280 points/m² density

Why Choose the CHCNAV AA450? The AlphaAir 450 offers an unparalleled combination of performance, flexibility, and affordability, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of UAV LiDAR applications. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to geospatial reality capture, the AA450's advanced features and user-friendly design make high-quality LiDAR data collection accessible to all.

Experience the next generation of UAV LiDAR technology with the CHCNAV AlphaAir 450 – the ultimate solution for efficient and accurate aerial surveying.

*UAV not included

AA450 features

Airborne LiDAR system with built-in IMU, GNSS, 3Dscanner and camera

AlphaAir 450

AlphaAir 450 LiDAR

Airborne LiDAR system with built-in IMU, GNSS, 3D scanner and camera.