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i73+ Compact IMU-RTK GNSS Receiver

CHCNAV i73+ Pocket IMU-RTK UHF Base + Rover

Precision Surveying with the CHCNAV i73+ GNSS Receiver

Compact GNSS Receiver with Built-in UHF Modem

The CHCNAV i73+ GNSS is an extremely compact, powerful, and versatile GNSS receiver with an integrated UHF Tx/Rx modem, which can be used either as a base station or as a rover. Powered by CHCNAV iStar technology that optimally tracks satellite signals from all constellations, the i73+ GNSS achieves survey-grade, fixed RTK centimeter positioning within 30 seconds after power-up. Its automatic pole tilt compensation increases the efficiency of point measurements by up to 20% and stakeout surveys by up to 30%. Easy to carry in one hand, the i73+ GNSS is an effective, lightweight GNSS solution that adapts to a variety of job site configurations, making intensive field surveys more convenient and less tiring for the operator.

Best-in-Class Signal Tracking

Full GNSS with 1408 channels advanced tracking. The integrated advanced 1408-channel GNSS technology takes advantage of GPS, Glonass, Galileo, and BeiDou, in particular the latest BeiDou III signal, and provides robust data quality at all times. The i73+ extends GNSS surveying capabilities while maintaining centimeter-level survey-grade accuracy. GNSS surveying has never been more efficient.

The Power of GNSS+IMU RTK Technology

Survey anywhere with its built-in interference-free IMU. Even in a complex electromagnetic environment, the i73+ initializes its IMU in 3 seconds, with no need for repeated re-initialization. It delivers 3 cm accuracy up to a 30-degree pole tilt, increasing the efficiency of point measurement by 20% and stakeout by 30%. The i73+ GNSS eliminates the challenge of measuring hidden or dangerous points while making the work of survey crews safer and more efficient. GNSS surveys are made easier by removing the need for the operator to focus on perfect leveling of its surveying pole.

The Ultimate Pocket GNSS IMU Receiver

Extremely rugged to cope with challenging environments. The i73+ benefits from the ultra-compact magnesium alloy design of the i73 series, making it one of the lightest receivers in its class, weighing only 0.73 kg including the battery. The i73+ is more than 40% lighter than a traditional GNSS receiver, making it more convenient to carry, use, and operate without fatigue. The i73+ GNSS is packed with technology, fits in your hands, and offers maximum productivity for GNSS surveys.

Portable Internal UHF Base + Rover

Integrated Tx/Rx UHF modem in a compact design. The i73+ features a built-in transceiver radio module that is compatible with major radio protocols, making it the perfect choice for a portable built-in UHF base and rover kit with fewer accessories. The i73+ is a highly productive NTRIP rover when used with a handheld controller or tablet and connected to a GNSS RTK network via CHCNAV LandStar field software. The i73+ is a highly rugged and reliable receiver without downtime, used for surveying any terrain, mapping, or construction site.

Why Choose CHCNAV i73+?

The CHCNAV i73+ GNSS receiver is an investment that maximizes control, accuracy, and efficiency in surveying and engineering tasks. Its highly integrated components, including GNSS, IMU, and UHF modem, offer quick, easy setup and versatility in the field. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including RTK and visual surveying, and advanced IMU-RTK pole tilt compensation, the i73+ ensures precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its robust design and extended operational capabilities make the i73+ a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern surveying and engineering projects.

i73+ features

Extremely compact, powerful and versatile GNSS receiver with integrated UHF Tx/Rx modem.

i73+ Compact IMU-RTK GNSS Receiver


Extremely compact, powerful and versatile GNSS receiver with integrated UHF Tx/Rx modem