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iBase GNSS

CHCNAV iBase GNSS Receiver

Precision Surveying with the CHCNAV iBase GNSS Receiver

Fully Integrated Professional GNSS Base Station

The CHCNAV iBase GNSS receiver is a fully integrated professional GNSS base station, specifically designed to meet 95% of surveyors' needs when working in UHF GNSS base and rover mode. The performance of the iBase UHF base station compared to a standard external UHF radio modem is almost perfect. Its unique design eliminates the need for a heavy external battery, cumbersome cables, external radio, and radio antenna. The iBase's 5-watt radio module provides operational GNSS RTK coverage up to 25 km under optimal conditions and features a real-time UHF interference self-checking technique, allowing the operator to select the most appropriate frequency channel to use.

Rugged Receiver Base Receiver

Start your projects in fractions of seconds. The iBase GNSS station is an all-in-one RTK GNSS station with no more cables or external batteries. This simplicity improves work efficiency at least three times compared to conventional external radio solutions. Beyond a simple GNSS station, the iBase also includes a 4G modem for transmitting GNSS corrections via TCP/IP server. If connected to an RTK GNSS network, the iBase can be turned into a UHF repeater to broadcast RTK corrections to multiple rovers across a project site.

Lower Consumption, Longer Autonomy, Broader Coverage

Increased performance with 50% less power consumption. The iBase GNSS electronics design significantly reduces power needs without sacrificing the UHF modem's performance. Its two high-capacity removable batteries provide up to 12 hours of continuous operation when transmitting RTK corrections at 5 watts power output. With UHF coverage of up to 25 km in typical survey operations, and up to 5 km in difficult conditions such as wooded and suburban areas.

Best GNSS Signal Tracking in its Class

Full GNSS with 1408 channels and advanced multipath mitigation. The state-of-the-art 1408-channel GNSS technology leverages GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou. The iBase GNSS integrates cutting-edge GNSS antenna technology and multipath mitigation algorithms to ensure that the highest quality GNSS corrections are transmitted to the GNSS rovers. The iBase outputs standard DGNSS corrections in RTCM 3.x format for optimal performance. Internal 8 GB memory is available to store GNSS raw data for post-processing or quality control at a later stage.

Industrial Grade Design

Rugged conception for uninterrupted work. The iBase is the GNSS base receiver that you can rely on regardless of your working environment. Its industrial design meets the stringent IP67 standard for water and dust ingress protection. The IK08 impact protection level further extends the life of the iBase GNSS receiver, allowing it to withstand accidental falls from the height of a tripod onto hard ground.

Why Choose CHCNAV iBase?

The CHCNAV iBase GNSS receiver is an investment that maximizes control, accuracy, and efficiency in surveying tasks. Its fully integrated design, eliminating the need for external batteries and cables, offers quick and easy setup, enhancing productivity. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including UHF and network RTK, and advanced power management, the iBase ensures reliable and precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its rugged construction and extended operational capabilities make the iBase a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern surveying projects.

iBase features

Start your projects in fractions of seconds

iBase GNSS