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iBase and i73+ GNSS Set

i73+ GNSS Receiver, HCE600 Data Controller, and iBase GNSS Receiver offer an exceptional combination of affordability, compactness, and effectiveness, making them ideal for a wide range of professional surveying and mapping applications:

i73+ GNSS Receiver: This receiver stands out for its affordability and compact size, weighing just 0.73 kg, making it one of the lightest in its class. The receiver’s automatic pole tilt compensation increases point measurement efficiency ensuring both time and cost savings in the field.

HCE600 Data Controller: Designed for practicality and endurance, the HCE600 is a professional, Android 10 data collector that brings together a compact form factor and rugged durability. Its high-brightness 5.5-inch HD+ display, along with its ergonomic design and lightweight (only 345g), makes it ideal for extended use in various environmental conditions without sacrificing user comfort.

iBase GNSS Receiver: The iBase GNSS Receiver redefines efficiency with its integrated design, eliminating the need for external accessories like batteries, cables, or radio modems.The 5-watt radio module of the iBase ensures reliable and extensive operational GNSS RTK coverage, making it a practical choice for a variety of surveying contexts.

Each product in this lineup is tailored to offer maximum efficiency and value for money, catering to professionals in diverse fields such as surveying, engineering, construction, and mapping.

iBase and i73+ GNSS Set