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P330 High-performance VTOL


CHCNAV P330 Pro - High-Performance VTOL Fixed-Wing Drone for Surveying and Mapping

Product Overview: The P330 Pro is an advanced vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing unmanned aircraft system (UAS) designed for high-precision aerial surveying and mapping applications. Developed by CHCNAV, the P330 Pro combines high accuracy, long endurance, and versatile payload capabilities to meet the diverse needs of mapping and surveying professionals.

Key Features:

High Efficiency, Long Endurance

  • 150 Minutes Endurance: The P330 Pro offers up to 150 minutes of flight time with payload, enabling coverage of up to 20 km² per flight.
  • Vertical Takeoff and Landing: Equipped with an adjustable tail paddle, the P330 Pro can perform vertical takeoffs and landings, requiring minimal space and enhancing its operational versatility.

Superior Data Accuracy

  • High-Resolution Camera and GNSS PPK/RTK Module: The integrated GNSS PPK/RTK module provides centimeter-level accuracy, while the high-resolution camera ensures detailed and precise mapping.
  • Multiple Payload Options: The P330 Pro supports a wide range of swappable sensors, including orthophoto cameras, oblique cameras, multispectral cameras, and lightweight laser scanners, allowing for rapid adaptation to different survey requirements.

Reduced Operating Costs and Time

  • No Ground Control Points Required: The advanced GNSS PPK data processing and photogrammetry software eliminate the need for systematic ground control points, significantly reducing project time and costs.
  • Trusted by Professionals: With its high-accuracy GNSS positioning system, dual GNSS system, triple IMU system, and multiple safety features, the P330 Pro ensures safe and reliable flight operations.

Intelligent, Simplified Flight Software

  • EasyFly Ground Control Software: The user-friendly EasyFly software simplifies mission planning and pre-flight checks, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Designed for Versatility and Reliability

  • Robust Construction: Made from durable materials, the P330 Pro is built to withstand harsh conditions and high-altitude operations up to 6,000 meters.
  • Portable and Easy to Deploy: The P330 Pro can be assembled and disassembled in minutes, and its compact design allows for easy transportation in its carrying case.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL)
  • Battery Type: Li-Po (12S)
  • RTK Accuracy (2): H: 1 cm + 1 ppm, V: 2 cm + 1 ppm
  • Cruise Speed: 21 m/s
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C
  • Max. Payload: 2 kg
  • Setup Time: 5 mins
  • Wingspan: 2.53 m
  • Electric Motors: 4 + 1
  • Charging Time: < 100 mins
  • Take-off & Landing Area: 4 x 4 m required
  • Max. Descent Speed: 2.8 m/s
  • Transport Case Dimension: 1250 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm
  • Max. Flight Time (1): 160 mins (without payload)
  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Transmission Distance (4): Up to 5 km
  • Vertical Take-off Height: 50 ~ 200 m
  • Max. Climbing Speed: 5 m/s
  • Wind Resistance: Up to 12 m/s
  • Max. Take-off Weight: 14 kg
  • Max. Flight Altitude (MSL) (3): 6000 m
  • Fuselage Length: 1.21 m
  • GCPs (5): Not required with PPK
  • Capacity: 27,000 mAh
  • Size: 240 mm x 135 mm x 100 mm

P330 features

P330 fixed-wing unmanned aircraft system

P330 High-performance VTOL

P330 VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

High-performance vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing unmanned aircraft.