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TD63 PRO - Automatic Control for Dozers


CHCNAV TD63 PRO 3D Automatic Control for Dozers

Precision Grading with the CHCNAV TD63 PRO Automatic Grading System

High Accuracy System for Dozers

The CHCNAV TD63 PRO automatic 3D dozer control system improves the quality and productivity of earthmoving and fine grading operations. Powered by a high-precision dual GNSS positioning and IMU sensor, the TD63 PRO guarantees unmatched accuracy in 3D positioning and heading to control the dozer blade, regardless of the machine's position. Automatic, real-time blade control to the design surface allows finished grade accuracy to be achieved in less time by eliminating manual staking and minimizing errors and rework. The TD63 PRO connects seamlessly to advanced cloud-based management systems to transfer files from the office to the job site, streamlining workflows and increasing overall productivity and output.

High Accuracy Automatic Control

  • Achieve centimeter-level precision with fully automated blade control
  • Consistent accuracy on both sides of the blade tip
  • Dual GNSS and 100 Hz IMU technology ensure precision in any machine position
  • Intelligent hydraulic control guarantees accuracy at different speeds
  • High-performance GNSS receiver for precise positioning on any job site

Easy to Use and Efficient

  • Intuitive, user-friendly MCNAV software
  • Powerful 10.1" touchscreen Android tablet for user-friendly interactions
  • Singular blade sensor for streamlined installation
  • Fast installation process, completed in less than 6 hours
  • Quick calibration in just 30 minutes
  • Easily switch between 2D and 3D dual modes
  • Mount and dismount masts quickly and easily
  • Optional camera for added security

Safe and Rugged Design

  • Rugged and shock-resistant IMU sensor with IP67 and 50 G ratings
  • Industrial-grade antennas with metal housing, anti-interference protection, and IP68 rating
  • Ruggedized cables designed to resist wear and operate in a wide range of temperature environments

Compatibility Across the Board

  • Compatible with all bulldozer models with hydraulic pilot valves
  • Supports TT450S, Transparent, and Satel_3AS radio protocols
  • Accepts various coordinate calibration file formats such as crd, dc, cal, lok, jxl, loc, etc.
  • Provides flexibility for radio communications via fixed or mobile base stations and network data transfers
  • Covers the full satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS
  • Supports design file formats including .rodx, .dxf, and .landxml
  • Fast and easy surface design in the field

Why Choose CHCNAV TD63 PRO?

The CHCNAV TD63 PRO is an investment that maximizes control and accuracy while enhancing efficiency in grading tasks. Its highly integrated components offer quick, easy installation and versatility in the field. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including RTK and advanced GR-Tech model algorithms, the TD63 PRO ensures precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its robust design and extended operational capabilities make the TD63 PRO a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern grading projects.

TD63 PRO features

High Accuracy Automatic Grading System for Dozers

TD63 PRO - Automatic Control for Dozers

TD63 PRO Automatic Control for Dozers

High Accuracy Automatic Grading System for Dozers