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TX63 - Automatic Control for Excavators


CHCNAV TX63 3D Machine Guidance for Excavator

Precision Excavation with the CHCNAV TX63 Excavator Guidance System

High Accuracy System

The CHCNAV TX63 excavator guidance system increases the precision and efficiency of excavation work. By integrating high-accuracy dual-GNSS, an IMU sensor, and the power of EX-Tech's mechanical model algorithm, it provides reliable 3D positioning and heading information to accurately indicate the bucket's position. With real-time guidance, operators can quickly and accurately steer the bucket to the design surface in less time and with greater accuracy. By eliminating the need for manual staking, the system maximizes operational efficiency and productivity. The industrial touchscreen places the system's controls within easy reach of the operator. The MCNAV software provides comprehensive and easy-to-use guidance with detailed displays of job information, including project setup, cut and fill data, and geo-fencing zones—all accessible at a glance.

High Accuracy

Dual GNSS + high frequency IMU and EX-Tech model algorithm

  • Precision better than ±3 cm ensures consistent accuracy on both sides of the bucket tip
  • EX-Tech's dynamic model algorithm guarantees optimal bucket accuracy in all positions
  • High-performance receiver to deliver high-precision positioning in all terrain conditions

Easy to Use

Fast installation and calibration

  • Built-in GNSS module in the display for easy setup
  • Complete installation in less than 2 hours
  • Calibration in 2 hours for minimal downtime
  • Dual 2D/3D mode for added versatility (optional)

Excellent Compatibility

Effortless integration without additional labor

  • Suitable for all excavator models, with support for tilt bucket functionality
  • Compatibility with TT450S, Transparent, and Satel_3AS radio protocols
  • Built-in and editable global coordinate systems for more flexibility
  • Support for multiple coordinate calibration files including crd, dc, cal, lok, jxl, loc
  • Professional-grade options for fixed or mobile base stations, with radio and network data transmission
  • Full constellation support: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS
  • Design file support for .rodx, .dxf, and .landxml files
  • Quickly design surfaces in the field, streamlining operational workflow

Optimized Guidance Interface

Most realistic guidance screen

  • Fully synchronized mechanical attitude, model attitude, and cut-and-fill data
  • Four different views tailored to different job sites and work practices
  • 10" widescreen display for at-a-glance information

Safe and Rugged Design

Ensure durability in harsh environments

  • IP68 and 50 G shock-resistant gauge class IMU sensor
  • Industrial-grade antenna with IP68 rating, metal shell, and anti-interference design
  • Rugged cables designed for wear resistance and adaptability to high and low-temperature environments
  • External protective components for sensors and cable harnesses to provide shock protection
  • Clear visualization of cut and fill data

Why Choose CHCNAV TX63?

The CHCNAV TX63 is an investment that maximizes control and accuracy while enhancing efficiency in excavation tasks. Its highly integrated components offer quick, easy installation and versatility in the field. With multiple GNSS positioning modes, including RTK and advanced EX-Tech model algorithms, the TX63 ensures precise operations even in challenging conditions. Its robust design and extended operational capabilities make the TX63 a superior choice for enhancing productivity and efficiency in modern excavation projects.

The TX63 features

High Accuracy 3D excavator guidance system

TX63 - Automatic Control for Excavators

TX63 Excavator Guidance System

High Accuracy, Easy to use, Excellent Compatibility